Moving Supplies You Should Have when Moving

Proper moving supplies are some of the most important things in moving that people tend to forget most of the time. Because many people think that boxes, markers and newspapers are enough to pack and secure all of their belongings during a move, they tend to forget about other packing supplies that will make their move much easier and their belongings more secured. Because of this, most people who are not using proper packing supplies end up having damaged belongings after their move.

So, to avoid getting your things damaged during your move, it is best to get proper packing supplies. This will not only save you a lot of money by keeping your belongings safe but will also save you time when packing your stuff.

There are a lot of San Diego moving companies like Coastal Moving ( that provide all the packing supplies that you will need so if you are planning on leaving everything to San Diego movers, you can be sure that they will use the best quality of moving packs.

Packing Supplies to Buy

Here are some of the most important packing supplies that you need to buy once you have listed all of your belongings that you are going to move:

  • Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most common and most used packing supplies that you need when moving. Make sure that you check your stuff first so that you will know how many boxes you are going to need. This will also enable you to know what sizes of boxes you should buy.

You can buy cardboard boxes and can also get free moving boxes at various places such as bookstores, liquor stores, grocery stores and even Craigslist.

  • Packing Tape

Buy a lot of packing tape rolls as you will need plenty of them. You can also buy colored ones so that you can use them to label your boxes. This will help you know which boxes go to which rooms.

  • Markers

Markers are quite handy during packing because they will enable you to know the contents of your boxes.

  • Furniture and Mattress Covers

You should never forget about furniture covers for your couches, tables and chairs so that you can prevent them from getting damaged during your move. You should also get mattress bags for your mattresses so that they will stay dry and dust-free during your move.

Pillows and other linens and curtains can be put inside garbage bags that are properly labeled so that you can save on your packing supplies.

  • Gift Wraps and Bubble Wrap

If you don’t want your dishes to get stained with newspaper ink, you can use plain gift wraps and bubble wrap to cover breakables.

  • Cords and Rubber Bands

Cords will keep your boxes from shifting while being moved while rubber bands will keep lots of things such as electrical cords in place.

When packing, make sure that you have every supply that you are going to need so that you will not get interrupted once you started packing your stuff.

How To Make Your Long Distance Move Simple And Hassle-Free

While traveling between states or continents you get to choose from a lot of efficient long distance movers. Some companies have a trusted network all over offering high quality service. So wherever you move, be assured that your shipment is in the safest hands.

Look for a company that you can trust upon

Making a right choice of the long distance movers is very important. It may not be the best company but it should be trustworthy. Look for such a company which has been shifting families across the nation for quite some time and that which comprises of dedicated staff members who understands the sentimental as well as the monetary value of your possessions and accordingly handles them with utmost care. Not only feelings wise technologically too they should be very advanced.

Things you should know before choosing any long distance mover
Since relocating from one place to another is not a very easy process, therefore these are the few things you should be aware of to make your trip hassle-free;
The moving process – Before you practically move from one location to another you should be having a clear idea about the ins and outs of the process. Starting from the pre-moving plans to the costing you should be aware of everything. A good mover company will prepare you in this regard, with all the detailed information.

Terminology – Moving terminology is another very important factor. Understanding the terms used in long distance movement like agent, valuation insurance, inventory etc. proves to be very helpful. Any quality company will take this responsibility so that you don’t need to face any kind of inconvenience during the move.

Movement and storage – While moving from one place to another, storage plays a very important role too. So before selecting any mover company be sure to check out their storage services. If you realize that the services offered by them are not meeting your requirements then you better look for a better option.

FAQs – Having an idea of the simple FAQs are very important like what is the best time to relocate, how is the payment estimate calculated and a lot more important facts. A professional company makes sure that all such queries of yours, are solved before you move.
If you ask me shifting from one place to other has always been a good experience for me but the most important thing is your choice of the long distance movers should be right.

Make Your Journey To Your New Destination Smooth

Whether you are relocating for the first time or have been moving since many years shifting from one place to another can be actually exciting if the movers are trustworthy and friendly. Whenever you have to move you will everytime realize that the task is always huge compared to the time in hand. So always trust the most well known movers whenever you are moving out of San Diego.

Special features of the movers in San Diego

Free estimates.

Insurance options.

Online tracking of the shipment.

Free furniture wrapping.

Fragile packing.

Customized crating.

Shipping of vehicles.

Handling wheelchairs, medical beds etc.

Moving pianos, grandfather clock, swings, exercising equipments.

Assembling and disassembling.

Checklist to be prepared before moving from one place to another

Whenever you are relocating from one place to another, maintaining a checklist helps to simplify your tasks and makes it easy for you to adjust in your new home.
a) One month prior to moving –
• Take a tour of your house and accordingly decide which are the items you would like to discard and the ones that you can donate.

• If you have plants start preparing them for relocating.

• After you have sorted out the things you would be carrying along, decide on which items you would pack yourself and which you would ask the movers to pack.

b) Three weeks before you move –
• Plan and finish off the food items before you move, since perishable items cant be carried along.

• Get your appliances services before you are moving them.

• No long distance movers will let you carry flammables, gasoline, matches, fireworks, aerosols or bottled gas so try and use them up or give them to someone before you move.

• If you are having pets then take proper advice from your movers regarding the rules and regulations to transfer them. Keep the pet’s medical records handy.

c) Two weeks before you move –
• It is high time that you book your trip with the long distance movers.

• Complete all the formalities with the movers.

• Returns everything that you had borrowed like the library books and other things. Also collect everything that people had borrowed from you.

• Don’t forget to collect things you had given away like dry-cleaning items, safety deposit box etc.

• Make necessary arrangements to discontinue all the utility services from the time you’ll leave.

• Dispose or finish all such items like cleaning fluids, acids etc. which could damage your shipment.

• Inform for disconnection of the satellite connection.

d) One week before you move –
• Set aside the necessary items like snacks, maps, games, flashlight etc. that you will carry along with you. Also carry some medications and important documents along.

• Start packing your suitcases.

• Drain out oil and gasoline from the equipments before you carry them.

e) Last moment before you move –
• Make sure that the items you would require are packed in boxes which would be stacked last and unloaded first.

• Defrost and dry the refrigerator before moving.
Few popular movers in San Diego
Some of the popular San Diego Movers are All N1 Moving, OCD Movers, Martin Movers, Prestige SoCal Movers, Jay’s moving services, Motivated Military Movers, A Perfect Solution and a lot more.
So now if you have to move from San Diego to any other distant place, according to me this article is really going to be helpful for you.

How To Choose A Low Cost Long Distance Mover

The moment you decide that you are shifting you must start searching for a reliable long distance mover which would be convenient on your pocket too. The best way to get details of a reliable moving company is to collect information from your friends or relatives or from any local agent who has proper idea in this regard.

Cost of long distance movers
The basic cost of transporting the shipment from one place to another depends on the weight of the shipment and the distance between the original point and the final destination. Take my advices always try to take an accurate estimate before finalizing the contract.
Usually the movers comes down to your home and after doing a survey item wise of what needs to be transported, the consultant prepares the pricing proposal and hands it over to you. This estimate includes not only packaging charges but also replacement and storage cost of the shipment.
The actual charges can be calculated only after the truck is fully loaded with your shipment and finally weighed. The actual weight which is used for calculating the transportation cost is figured out by deducting the weight of the vehicle from the post-load weight.

Any well known professional company can guarantee you that the final cost will not cross more than 10% of the estimated cost.
Ways of reducing the cost
Whenever you are shifting there are a whole lot of tasks to be completed. Now there are few simple steps by following which you can reduce the cost of the long distance movers to some extent. Few of the techniques are;
 Pack yourself – If you partly pack few of the items yourself then you can save on the movers cost to some extent.

 Helping while loading and unloading – There are many freelance individuals available for loading and unloading. If you hire them separately it will be comparatively cheap on your part. There are no hidden charges involved too. These boys are not only reliable and safe but they do their job extremely carefully.

 Hiring the vehicle and the driver separately – If you choose this option then let me tell you there are a lot of pocket-friendly drivers available whom you can engage for this job. You can hire the mover container separately.

 Opting for a mid-sized or small company – There are many companies which has not gained much popularity but their service is excellent. If you hire such a company there again you can save a lot.

 Getting estimate – Before finalizing any one company you should always take estimates from atleast 2-3 companies so that you can do a comparative study.
Payment Options
For any long distance moves there are three available options for making the payment namely;
 COD or cash on delivery.

 Credits cards and,

 Corporate payments, where the company pays on your behalf.
I have practically tried out all the above options of reducing the cost of long distance movers, and trust me they really work.